Repairs and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures (Dept Elec-III) (2180607)  

List of Practicals

Sr. Practical Title
To perform a non-destructive and semi-destructive testing on the cast specimens of the beams using set up of Rebound hammer, UPSV, Core drilling etc. and there by prepare a report on the interpretation of the strength i.e quality of concrete based on NDT test results.
Take up Conditional Assessment of 5 different structures including Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Government buildings, Private structures (old & new construction both). Prepare Rapid visual inspection data sheets of the same
Prepare a report on the buildings surveyed, to highlight all the defects/deterioration seen through proper resolution photographs. The report must clearly indicate the distress – its source and symptoms
To perform experiment to evaluate the Compatibility between the substrate material concrete and any repair material. (For instance comparing the Bond strength of Polymer modified mortar and Conventional Mortar with Concrete).
Experiment investigation to carry out the efficacy of repair material/ technique in enhancing the strength of concrete beam post cracking. ( For instance, Cast a RCC beam, simulate cracking and then filling the crack with repair material and check the post-repair strength results).

Major Equipment
Compression Testing Machine, Concrete Mixture, NDT equipments like USPV, Rebound Hammer, Corrosion Meter, Rebar Locator, Engineer’s inspection Kit.