Repairs and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures (Dept Elec-III) (2180607)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Overview of distress, deterioration in concrete structures, Scenario of distressed structures world over, Need for repairs and upgrading of structures, General introduction to process (Road-map) to a durable concrete repair
5 %
Deterioration of concrete structures:
Types of deterioration – Signs, causes & symptoms, Mechanism of deterioration, contributing factors like permeability, inadequate durability & micro-structure of concrete. Physical deterioration due to moisture, temperature, shrinkage, freeze-thaw, abrasion, erosion, cavitation, crystallization of salts, Efflorescence, exposure to severe environment like marine exposure. Chemical deterioration due to corrosion of reinforcement (chloride induced, carbonation induced), Alkali-silica reaction, sulphate attack, Acid attack. Deterioration due to water leakage, fire – detection & mitigation of the same. Deterioration due to ageing, inadequate maintenance, Design & construction deficiencies, overloading etc. Visual deterioration of structures- Types of cracks, causes & characteristics of cracking in various structural components like beam, column, slab, masonry walls. Measurement of cracks, interpretation of the cause of particular type of crack
25 %
Conditional/damage assessment & Evaluation of structures: Structural assessment:
Conditional evaluation / Structural Appraisal of the structure – Importance, objective & stages, Conditional/damage assessment procedure, Preliminary & Detailed investigation – Scope, Objectives, Methodology & Rapid visual inspection of structures Damage Assessment allied Tests (Destructive, Semi-destructive, Nondestructive): Field & laboratory testing procedures for evaluating the structure for strength, corrosion activity, performance & integrity, durability. Interpretation of the findings of the tests.
25 %
Repairs, rehabilitation & Retrofitting of concrete structures:
Repair materials - Criteria for durable concrete repair, Methodology, performance requirements, repair options, selection of repair materials, Preparatory stage of repairs, Different types of repair materials & their application, types of repair techniques. Retrofitting/Strengthening: Need for retrofitting, Design philosophy of strengthening structures, Techniques available for strengthening including conventional and advanced techniques. Seismic retrofit of concrete structures :Deficiencies in structure requiring seismic retrofit, Design philosophy, Techniques to enhance the seismic resistance of structures, advanced techniques for making seismic resistant structures
25 %
Allied topics:
Protection & maintenance of structures - Importance of protection & maintenance, Categories of maintenance, Building maintenance. Corrosion mitigation techniques to protect the structure from corrosion. Long term health monitoring / Structural health monitoring (SHM)– Definition and motivation for SHM, Basic components of SHM and its working mechanism, SHM as a tool for proactive maintenance of structures.
15 %