Embedded Systems (Dept Elec - III) (2180808)   Old Code : 170805

List of Practicals

Sr. Practical Title
Introduction to MSP430 Kit and Programming Environment with program to work with ports
Configure timer block with capture/compare channel 0 & 1 to generate 4.096 KHz & 1.024 KHz signal.
Configure watchdog timer in watchdog & interval mode
Test various Power Down modes in MSP430
Read Temperature of MSP430 with the help of ADC
Use Timer to trigger ADC for reading analog signal in most efficient manner to reduce power consumption.
Configure DAC to generate positive ramp signal
Use Comparator to compare the signal threshold level
Implement Hardware Multiplier to multiply two arrays to perform MAC operation.
Implement DMA controller for basic convolution algorithm.
Use I2C protocol for communication between more than two MSP430 connected on I2C bus
Use SPI protocol for communication between two MSP430.

Open Ended Problem
1. Interface a pressure sensor giving full scale range output as 10 mV for 300 mmHg with MSP430.Design appropriate signal conditioning circuit and write a ‘c’ program to monitor the pressure in mmHg.
2. A load cell is required to be interface with MSP430 which gives 2mV as its full scale output. Design appropriate signal conditioning circuit and write a ‘c’ program to acquire the weight data and display this data on 3 and ½ multiplexed display field.
3. Use timer to generate a Pulse Width Modulated wave whose duty cycle is varied such that the average voltage is equal to the analog signal in the range of 0 to 2.5 Volts. Write a ‘c’ program for this task.
4. Use hardware multiplier to calculate RMS value of current and power associated with sinusoidal analog signal given as input to MSP430.
5. With the help of DMA controller implement digital FIR filter and use this filter for implementing Low Pass Filter action for the analog signal given as input to MSP430.
6. Implement suitable RTOS on suitable MCU platform to explore RTOS fundamentals.
Major Equipment
(1) MSP430 Launchpad and Development board (2) MSP430 FET Debugger (3) Function Generator(4) Oscilloscope (5) Digital Multi-meter (6) DC Power Supply (0-30 V) (7) Logic analyzer.