Embedded Systems (Dept Elec - III) (2180808)   Old Code : 170805


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Introduction to Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems, Processor Embedded into a System, Embedded Hardware Units and Devices In a System, Embedded Software in a system, Examples of Embedded Systems, Embedded System-on-chip (SOC) and Use of VLSI Circuit Design Technology, Complex Systems Design and Processors, Design Process in Embedded System, Formulization of System Design, Design Process and Design Examples, Classification of Embedded Systems, Skills Required for an Embedded System Designer
Device and Communication Bus for Devices Network
IO Types and examples, Serial communication devices, Parallel Device ports, Sophisticated Interfacing Feature in Devices Ports, Wireless Devices, Timer and Counting Devices, Watch dog timer, Real time clock, Network Embedded Systems, Serial Bus Communication Protocols, parallel Bus Devices protocol-Parallel communication Network using ISA, PCI, PCI-X and advanced buses, Internet Enabled Systems- Network protocols, Wireless and mobile system protocol.
Device Drivers and Interrupt Services Mechanism
Programmed-I/O Busy-wait Approach without Interrupt Services Mechanism, ISR Concept, Interrupt Sources, Interrupt Servicing(Handling) Mechanism, Multiple Interrupts, Context and the Periods for Context Switching, Interrupt Latency and Deadline, Classification of Processor Interrupt Service Mechanism from ContextSaving Angle, Direct Memory Access, Device Driver Programming
Interprocess Communication and Synchronization of processes,Threads and Tasks:
Multiple process in an application, Multiple Threads in an application,Task and Task state, Task and Data, Clear-cut Distinction between Functions, ISRS and Tasks by their Characteristics, Concept of Semaphores, Shared Data, Inter process Communication, Signal Function, Semaphore Functions, Message Queue Functions, Mailbox Functions, Pipe Functions, Socket Functions, RPC Functions
Real Time Operating System:
Operating system service, Process management, Timer function, Event function, Memory management, Device , File and I/O subsystem management, Interrupt routine in RTOS environment and handling of interrupt Sources calls, Real Time Operating Systems, Basic Design Using an RTOS, RTOS Task Scheduling Models, Interrupt Latency and Response of the Tasks as Performance Metrics, OS Security Issues
Case Study:
Case Study : Motivation for MSP 430 Microcontrollers: MSP430 RISC CPU architecture, Compiler-friendly features, Instruction set, Clock system, Memory subsystem. Understanding of different MSP430 families. Introduction to Code Composer Studio (CCS) and use CCS for Embedded C. Digital I/O – I/O ports programming using C, Understanding the muxing scheme of the MSP430 pins, interrupt programming On-chip peripherals - Watchdog Timer, Basic Timer, Real Time Clock (RTC), ADC, Universal Serial Communication Interface (USCI). Interfacing LED, LCD, Seven segment LED modules interfacing. Example – Real- time clock, Low-power features of MSP430.