Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Equipments (2180901)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Safety Management:
Objectives, Safety Management during Operation and Maintenance, Clearance and Creepages, Electric Shock, need of Earthing, different methods of Earthing, factors affecting the Earth Resistance, methods of measuring the Earth Resistance, Equipment Earthing and System Grounding, Earthing Procedure - Building installation, Domestic appliances, Industrial premises, Earthing of substation, generating station and overhead line.
12 %
Installation of Electrical Equipment:
Inspection of Electrical Equipment at site, Storage Electrical Equipment at site, Foundation of Electrical Equipment at site, Alignment of Electrical Machines, Tools/Instruments necessary for installation, Technical report, Inspection, storage and handling of transformer, switchgear and motors.
10 %
Testing of Transformer, Plant and Equipment:
General Requirements for Type, Routine and Special Tests, Measurement of winding resistance; Measurement of voltage ratio and check of voltage vector relationship; Measurement of impedance voltage/short-circuit impedance and load loss; Measurement of no-load loss and current; Measurement of insulationresistance; Dielectric tests; Temperature-rise, insulation and HV test, dielectric absorption, switching impulse test. testing of Current Transformer and Voltage Transformer, power transformer,distribution transformer, CVT and special transformer with reference to Indian Standard (IS). Drying out procedure for transformer. PI index, Commissioning steps for transformer, roubleshooting & Maintenance of transformer. [Ref: IS 026:Part_1-10-Power Transformers: Methods of Test; IS 13956:1994- Testing Transformers]
28 %
Installation and Commissioning of Rotating Electrical Machines:
Degree of protection, cooling system, degree of cooling with IP- IC code (brief discussion), enclosures, rating of industrial rotating electric machine, installation, commissioning and protection of induction motor and rotating electric machine, drying out of electric rotating machine, insulation resistance measurement, site testing and checking, care, services and maintenance of motors, commissioning of synchronous generator, protection and utomation of synchronous generator, synchronous motor, D.C. generator and motor with reference to Indian Standard (IS). [Ref: IS 4029:2010-Guide for Testing Three Phase Induction otors; IS 7132:1973-Guide for Testing Synchronous Machines; IS 9320:1979-Guide for Testing of Direct Current (dc) Machines]
26 %
Transmission line:
Commissioning of A.C transmission line and HVDC transmission, galvanize steel structure, towers and insulator for transmission and distribution line, tower footing resistance, substation equipment, bus bar system, power cable, low power control cable, Contactor, GIS (gas insulated substation).
12 %
Standards, Classification, specification, rating and duties of CB, installation, commissioning tests, maintenance schedule, type & routine tests. Operation of s/s (steps) for line Circuit breaker maintenance. Location of lightening arrester with reasons
12 %