Device Driver & Writing (Dept Elec - III) (2181106)   Old Code : 181106

List of Practicals

Sr. Practical Title
Experiments on the Driver specific Commands & Tools Setting up the Driver specific Commads & Tools
Understanding Kernel's Build System
Writing Makefile
Adding a driver to kernel
Writing "first" Drivers
Writing various Characters Drvers
Null Driver
Memory Based Driver
Multiple minors
Module parameters
UART (Hardware) Based Drivers
Char drivers using UART to apply char driver concept
Implementing ioctl function
Understanding the USB Core
Reading USB cdc adm class specification
Writing a USB Driver
USB Driver & Device Registration
Hot-plug-ability:probe and disconnect
Bulk Transfer & Various System Calls
Experiments on USB driver for peripherals Interrupt implementation using deferred execution
Concurrency management using mutex, semaphoresExperiments on USB driver for peripheralsMemory based Block Driver
Experiments on Implementation a char based PCI driver Using kdb debugger
Creating proc entries for a driver

Open Ended Problem
Few examples of design based problems:
1. USB card scanner driver / barcode scanner driver
2. Context sensitive file system
3. Monitoring system for each bio structure in device mapper
4. GPS Drift Correction
5. Autosync clock using GPS
6. Linux kernel module to simulate geographically large networks by introducing a lag to incoming traffic from targeted IPs.
Major Equipment
Computer with root access, Linux operating system.
1. Ubuntu for Linux OS
2. Linux device driver community