Instrumentation for Agriculture and Food Processing (Dept Elec - III) (2181707)  

4 + 0 + 2
Lect + Tuto + Pract
Teaching Scheme
70 + 20 + 10
Theory Marks
20 + 10 + 20
Practical Marks
ESE - End Semester Examination, PA - Progress Assessment, ALA - Active Learning Assignments, OEP -Open Ended Problem

Fundamental knowledge of sensors & transducers, Basic concept of SCADA, PLC and DCS systems
Agricultural industries are mostly dependent on nature behavior. To avoid crop failure, increasing crop quantity and quality, protecting crop, etc is a big challenge for farmers as well as for agro industries. There for it will be very appropriate to provide knowledge of a automation and sensing technology associated with agriculture and food processing plants/ systems to instrumentation and control engineers.
Course Outcome
After learning this course, the students should be able to:
CO1. characterize problems and possible technological solution of agro industries.
CO2. familiarize with current literature, research in agricultural instrumentation
CO3. analyze and design of automation system by evaluating agricultural parameter measurement constraint.

Active Learning
Preparation of power-point slides, which include videos, animations, pictures, graphics for better understanding theory and practical work – The faculty will allocate chapters/ parts of chapters to groups of students so that the entire syllabus to be covered. The power-point slides should be put up on the web-site of the College/ Institute, along with the names of the students of the group, the name of the faculty, Department and College on the first slide. The best three works should submit to GTU.