Quality Engineering (Dept Elec - III) (2181920)  

Text and Reference Books

Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management (ISO 9000, QS 9000 ISO 14000)

Author : K C Jain and A K Chitale

Publisher : Khanna Publishers

Quality Control & Application

Author : B. L. Hanson & P. M. Ghare

Publisher : Prentice Hall of India

Total Quality Management

Author : Dale H. Besterfield, Carol Besterfield-Michna, Glen H. Besterfield and Mary Besterfield-Sacre

Publisher : Pearson Educaiton

Quality Management

Author : Kanishka Bedi

Total Quality Management

Author : Dr. S. Kumar

Publisher : Laxmi Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Total Quality Management

Author : K C Arora

Publisher : S K Kataria & Sons

Statistical Quality Control

Author : M. Mahajan

Publisher : Dhanpat Rai & Co. (P) Ltd.