Automated Manufacturing - II (2182002)   Old Code : 182002

Text and Reference Books

Industrial Robotics: Technology Programming & Applications

Author : M. P. Groover, Mitchell Weiss, Roger N. Nogel, Nicholas G. Odrey

Publisher : McGraw Hill International

Automation, Production Systems and Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Author : M. P. Groover

Publisher : Prentice Hall of India

A Robot Engineering Textbook

Author : Mohsen Shahinpoo

Publisher : Row Publishers

Introduction to Robotics: Analysis, Systems, Applications

Author : PHI publishers

Publisher : Saeed B

Robotics Technology & Flexible Automation

Author : Tata McGraw Hill

Publisher : S. R. Deb

Nagrath Robotics and Control

Author : R.K. Mittal, I.J

Publisher : Tata McGraw-Hill

Robot Technology

Author : James G Keramas

Publisher : DelMar Publisher