Recent Advances in Manufacturing (2182502)   Old Code : 182502


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Enterprise Resource Planning
Role of management information system, MIS & Production/ operation system, Decision making information system, Information value & measuring the information value, Assessing information needs Identification & development of information sources, design & development of information flow network. Different ERP modules and their Implementation procedures, Role of ERP in productivity improvement, ERP for different types of manufacturing systems, Software and Hardware need for ERP implementation.
40 %
Logistic and Supply Chain Management
Role of supply chain, Different models of supply chain management, Optimization of transport Network, Zero inventories, E-manufacturing, E-commerce.
20 %
Japanese Manufacturing Systems
Japanese approach for productivity improvement; Concepts like JIT, KANBAN systems, KAIZEN Philosophy, Manufacturing Improvement techniques such as SMED, POKAYOKE, JIDOKA, TPS, 5S.
22 %
Value Analysis and Value Engineering
Introduction, Concept of value analysis, Definition of value analysis, Objectives of value analysis, Difference between value analysis and value engineering, When to apply value analysis, Stages in value analysis, Techniques of value analysis and value engineering, Un-necessary costs, Test for value analysis, dvantages of value analysis
18 %