Product Design and Development (2183408)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Design Fundamentals:
The importance of engineering design – types of design –the design process – relevance of product lifecycle issues in design –designing to codes and standards- societal considerations in engineering design –generic product development process – various phases of product development-planning for products –establishing markets- market segments- relevance of market research.
16 %
Customer oriented design & Societal Considerations :
Identification of customer needs- customer requirements- Quality Function Deployment Product Design Specifications- Human Factors in Design – Ergonomics and Aesthetics. Societal consideration - Contracts – Product liability – Protecting intellectual property – Legal and ethical domains – Codes of ethics - Ethical conflicts – Environment responsible design-future trends in interaction of engineering with society
24 %
Material selection processing and Design:
Material Selection Process – Economics – Cost Vs Performance – Weighted property Index – Value Analysis – Role of Processing in Design – Classification of Manufacturing Process – Design for Manufacture – Design for Assembly –Designing for castings, Forging, Metal Forming, Machining and Welding – Residual Stresses – Fatigue, Fracture and Failure.
16 %
Design Methods:
creativity and problem solving- creative thinking methods- generating design concepts - systematic methods for designing –functional decomposition – physical decomposition – functional representation – morphological methods-TRIZ- axiomatic design. Decision making theory- utility theory –decision trees –concept evaluation methods.
24 %
Industrial Design concepts:
human factors design –user friendly design – design for serviceability – design for environment – prototyping and testing – cost evaluation –categories of cost –overhead costs – activity based costing – methods of developing cost estimates – manufacturing cost –value analysis in costing.
20 %