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List of Practicals

Sr. Practical Title
Machine shop
1. Demonstration of job on Lathe machine
2. Demonstration of job on Drilling machine
3. Study of different types of power tools
Fitting Shop
Hands on Practice and job making in Fitting shop
Hands on Practice and job making in Carpentry shop.
Welding shop
1. Hands on Practice and job making using Electric arc Welding / Resistance welding process
2. Hands on Practice and job making using Soldering process
Demonstration of Pattern Making by sand moulding
Hands on Practice and job making in Smithy/ Tin smithy shop.
Plumbing and its fitting
1) Types of Pipes and Fittings
2) Joints (PVC and Metal)
3) Plumbers tools and equipment’s
4) Cutting and bending of different mental pipes
5) Pipe fitting
6) Plumbing symbols
7) Plumbing services
8) Sanitary Pipes and Fittings
9) Joints
Plastic moulding & Glass Cutting
Masonry Work
1) Different types of Bricks
2) Different size and part of Bricks
3) Different types of Bonds
4) Types of tools used for various masonry works
For Electrical
1. Measure voltage, current, frequency, phase difference, power, power factor for single and threephase supply
2.Wire fan, tube light, two-way control (staircase wiring).
3. Wire MCB, ELCB for a given load circuit
4. Preparing the drawing for wiring a newly built room, without any electrical wiring along with a bill of materials with specifications; the room may be a class-room, an office, a shop, a clinic, a small workshop etc.
5. Identify and rectify open circuit, and short circuit faults in PCB/System
6. Solder and de-solder electronic components on different types of PCB
7. Identify various types of ports and connectors
For Electronics
1) Introduction to basic electronics components and its testing: Resistors, Inductors, Capacitor, Diode, BJT
2) Introduction to testing and Measurement Instruments: Power Supply, Function Generator, Oscilloscope
Arduino starter kits or raspberry pi
i.e. Arduino Starter kit mostly includes following:, Similarly for Raspberry pi use whatever required
1. An Arduino or Raspberry
2. Jumper wires
3. Resistors
4. Breadboard
5. LEDs
6. Buttons
Case Studies/Demonstration
1. Arduino LED On/Off
2. Or Raspberry LED/On
It requires
1. LED
2. Resistor
3. Connecting wires

3. Arduino alarm system which detects movement of an intruder with a high pitched alarm sounds and flashing lights.
It requires
1. An ultrasonic “ping” sensor –HC-SR04 or PIR
2. A piezo buzzer
3. LED strip light

4. Arduino Trafiic Light Controller

5. raspberry pi on screen keyboard app.
It requires
1. Red, yellow and green LEDs.
2. A breadboard.
3. 6 x 220 resistors.
4. Connecting wires.
5. 1 x pushbutton switch.
6. 1 x 10k resistor
Software Tools & OS Commands
Dream weaver Web development Tool
Student Has to build his own Web Site consisting of basic profile about his department,his ownpersonnel profile and basic Institute Details
Student Has to learn any of Two OS (Windows,Linux,Unix,MacOS,Apple,Android)
Student has to learn basic Windows and Linux/Ubuntu shell commands and have to develop simple shell script.
Journal is to be prepared covering the topics of demonstration and report about process / methodology / inspection for making jobs.

Major Equipment
Lathe machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, Resistance and Arc Welding machine, Hacksaw machine, Fitting, Carpentry and Plumbing vice, various types of files for fitting shop, hand hacksaw, monkey spanner, die, chisels, jack plane, furnace, anvil, different types of hammers for various shops, tongs, scissors, hand shear machine, sheet cutter, welding goggles, welding gloves, Soldering iron, Moulding box, different wooden/ metal patterns.
Workshop Practice: 1) Machine shop
2) Fitting shop
3) Carpentry
4) Welding shop
5) Electrical
6) Electronics
7) Casting
8) Smithy
9) Plastic moulding & Glass Cutting
10) Plumbing and its fitting
11) Masonry Work
12) IOT
13) Software Tools & OS Commands

List of Open Source Software/learning website: