Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Flowchart and Algorithm
Flowchart and AlgorithmM
- Flowchart
- Definition and Importance of flowchart.
- Symbols of Flowchart.
- Flow lines, Terminals, Input/Output ,Processing Decision, Connection off-page connectors
- Guidelines for preparing Flowchart.
- Flowchart structure
- Sequence, selection, repetition.
- Limitation of flowchart
- Algorithm
- Developing and writing algorithm using pseudo codes
Basics of ‘C’
Basics of ‘C’
- General structure of ‘C’ program and standard directories
- Advantages of C language.
- Character set, ‘C’ tokens
- Keywords and Identifiers , Constants and Variables
- Data Types in ‘C’
- Rules for defining variables
- Declaration and Initialization
- Dynamic initialization
- Type modifiers and type conversion
- Constant and volatile variable
- Input and Output statements in ‘C’
- Write, compile, execute a simple ‘C’ program
Operators and Expression
Operators and Expression
- Introduction of different types of operators and their symbolic representation
- Properties of operator
- Priority of operator and their clubbing
- Comma and conditional operator
- Arithmetic operators
- Relational operators
- Assignment operators and expressions
- Logical operators
- Bitwise operators
- Formatted input and output in ‘C’
Decision Statements
Decision Statements
- Unconditional branching: goto statement
- Conditional branching statements: If statement
- If-else statement
- Nested If-else statement
- If-else-if Ladder statement
- break, continue and goto statements
- switch statements
Loop Control Statements
Loop Control Statements
- for loop
- Nested for loop
- While loop
- Do-while loop
Introduction of Array (one dimensional)
Introduction of Array (one dimensional)
- Array Terminology
- A characteristics of an array
- Array Declaration
- Array initialization
- Accessing an array
- Storing value in an array (Bubble Sort)