Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Basics of instrumentation
1.1 Scope of Instrumentation in industries
1.2 Significance of Instrumentation & control.
1.3 Evolution of Instrumentation
- a Brief journey from manual control to automation
- b Simple block diagram of Instrumentation system
- c Basic terms related to instrumentation & control viz. process variable, system , control variable, error, input, output, feedback
1.4 a Definitions of characteristics of instruments & Measurement System
- Static: accuracy, sensitivity, resolution, precision, drift, dead zone, repeatability & reproducibility and
- Dynamic : Fidelity, speed of response, lag b Classification of Instruments based on Function, output, operation, nature of signals etc.
Basic electricity
2.1 Terms related to basic electricity-Definitions of EMF, Current, Potential Difference, Power, Energy and Efficiency.
2.2 Definition: Resistance, resistivity & conductivity and their units
2.3 Factors affecting resistance
2.4 Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s Laws of current & voltage, Measurement of unknown resistance by Wheastone bridge(without derivation)
2.5 Terms related to A.C. ( alternating current): Cycle, frequency, time period, Amplitude, average & RMS value.
2.6 Classification of electrical measuring instruments
Magnetism & electromagnetism
3.1 Definition of magnetism, Types of magnets ( Only examples)
3.2 Terms related to magnetism- Poles, magnetic lines of force, flux density, Reluctance, permeability, B-H curve, Hysteresis
3.3 Working principle of electromagnet, solenoid
3.4 Relays, Types- N.O. & N.C.
3.5 Self & Mutual induction, Statements of Faraday’s first & second Laws of electromagnetic induction, Statements of Fleming’s rules.
Basic electronics
4.1 Symbols, Terminal identification & List applications of various semiconductor devices- Diodes, Transistors, SCR,DIAC, TRIAC, UJT, GTO, IGBT
4.2 Simple block diagram of power supply
4.3 Introduction to single phase Rectifier- Half & Full wave (without derivation)
4.4 Introduction to filter circuit, List types of Filters
4.5 Introduction to voltage regulator, List types of regulators
4.6 Simple Block diagram, advantages & comparison of SMPS & UPS
4.7 OPAMP IC 741: Symbol, PIN diagram, Application ( only List) Terms- Voltage gain, bandwidth, input impedance, output impedance
Essential parameters for instrumentation
5.1 Introduction to various process parameters: Definitions of Terms- Pressure, Flow, Level, temperature
5.2 List various pressure sensing elements
5.3 List various techniques for flow measurements
5.4 List various techniques for level measurements
5.5 List various techniques for temperature measurements
Introduction to latest innovation in advanced industrial instrumentation
6.1 Simple block diagram of DCS ( Introductory)
6.2 Simple block diagram of PLC ( Primary level )
6.3 Introduction to industrial application of controllers ( only List )