Text and Reference Books

Organic Chemistry

Author : P.L.Soni

Publisher : Sultan Chand & Sons

Textbook of Organic Chemistry

Author : Bahl & Tuli

Publisher : S. C. Chand & Co., New Delhi

Textbook of Polymer Science

Author : Billmeyer Jr.

Publisher : John wiley & sons, New York

Polymer Science

Author : V.R.Govariker

Publisher : New Age International Delhi

Polymer Science of Technology

Author : Jod R. Fried

Publisher : Prentice-Hall of India Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi

Textbook of Organic Chemistry

Author : R.K.Bansal

Publisher : New Age Publications

Polymer Science and Technology of Plastics & Rubber

Author : Pramanoy Ghosh

Publisher : Tata McGrow Hill

Polymer Chemistry

Author : Seymour & Carraher

Publisher : CRC Press

Polymer Chemistry

Author : Arora & Singh

Publisher : Anmol Publications Pvt.

Principles of Polymer Chemistry

Author : A Ravve

Publisher : Springer