ART & DESIGN (3315103)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
1.2 Drawing tools
1.3 Drawing material
1.4 Sketching tools
1.5 Sketching material
Element of design.
2.1 Line: Definition of line, Different types of line, Aspects of line, its physical and psychological effects on human figure.(Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Curve, Zigzag)
2.2 Space: Definition of space, Cues influencing perception of shape and space , physical and psychological effect of space.
2.3 Shape and form: Definition, equally sided flat shapes, unequally sided flat shapes, equally sided volume forms, unequally sided forms, some shapes that fit snugly together, shapes not fitting together create other shapes between them.
2.4 Attributes of shape and form.
2.5 Texture: Definition and concept of texture, Types of textures, Psychological and physical effect of Texture.
2.6 Colour – Definition, psychological and physical effects of colour, Primary, secondary and tertiary colour. neutral colour.
2.7 Dimension of colour – Hue, Value & Intensity, neutral colour, Tints and Shade, Warm and Cool colour.
2.8 Colour scheme – Neutral, Analogous, Monochromatic, Complementary, Double complementary, Split complementary, Double split, complementary Triad colour scheme.
Principles of design.
3.2 Harmony—Definition, concept, effects (physical & psychological).
3.3Balance -Definition, concept, types of balance, physical & psychological effects of balance,
3.4 Emphasis -Definition, concept, physical & Psychological effects of emphasis.
3.5 Proportion-Definition, concept, physical & psychological effects of proportion.
3.6 Repetition-Definition and physical & psychological effects of repetition.
3.7 Parallelism-Definition and effects of parallelism.
3.8 Sequence-Definition and effects of Sequence.
3.9Alternation- Definition and effects of Alternation.
3.10 Gradation- Definition and effects of Gradation.
3.11Transition- Definition and effects of Transition.
3.12Radiation-- Definition and effects of Radiation.
3.13Rhythm- Definition and effects of Rhythm.
3.14Concentricity- Definition and effects of Concentricity.
3.15 Contrast -Definition and effects of Contrast.
Types of designs
Explain importance and types of design
4.1 Structural design.
4.2 Applied design.
4.3 Reducing and Enlargement of design.