Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Object Drawing Still life
Still Life basic shapes in perspective
Expression of opaque and transparent objects in different Media.
Solidity of the objects through shading
Composition of still life objects in different medium
Memory Drawing
Still life objects with drapery.
Design Exercises based on still life objects.
Outdoor Sketching
Different Techniques of sketching
Sketching in lines, shading in flat colours
Understanding of perspective
Sketches of Birds, animals, buildings, monuments, figures, stone carvings and wooden carvings, leaves, Foliage, plants and trees, fountains, boats, trees scenes and market scenes.
Different mediums used for sketching-pencils, sketch pen, coloured links, charcoal and crayons, pen and ink.
Nature Study
(Line, colour, texture, shape and form)
Study of the Natural objects in nature for understanding of colour, texture, and for in different media - (a) pencil b) Pen and ink (c) Crayons (d) poster colours (e) coloured inks (f) water colours
Study of the following themes (a) Types of leaves (b) Types of flowers (c) Types of vegetables (d) Types of fruits (e) Types of dry fruits (f) Types of lentil and Twigs
- Stylization of the above themes
- Movement in nature, expression in line work and colours
- Creation of texture things, Use of different materials pencils, crayons, colour, thread, blade, cark leaves, blowing of colours, candle marble effect with water and inks.
- Impressions of different materials e.g. wood, fabric etc. Rubber solution (resist method)
- Expression of patterns created in nature by sketching e.g. mud cracks dried leaves etc.