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Elements of Art
Elements of Art
1. Line
2. Color
3. Shape
4. Texture
5. Space
6. Form
7. Tone (Value)
Principles of Design
Principles of Design
1. Movement
2. Unity
3. Harmony
4. Variety
5. Balance
6. Similarity and Contrast
7. Proportion
8. Dominance
9. Rhythm/Pattern
Principles of organization
Principles of organization
1. Shape and proportion
2. Positioning/Orientation/Balance/Harmony among the elements
3. The area within the field of view used for the picture ("cropping")
4. The path or direction followed by the viewer's eye when they observe the image.<> 5. Negative space
6. Color
7. Contrast: the value, or degree of lightness and darkness, used within the picture.
8. Geometry: for example, use of the golden mean
9. Lines
10. Rhythm
11. Illumination or lighting
12. Repetition
Composition al techniques
Compositional techniques
1.Rule of thirds
2.Rule of odds
3.Rule of space
5.Limiting focus
6.Geometry and symmetry
7.Other techniques
Design - 2D & 3D
Design - 2D & 3D
Basic forms, still life objects, Natural objects, Sketches of Birds, animals, buildings, monuments, leaves, Foliage, plants and trees, fountains, boats, trees scenes and market scenes etc.
Basic forms to be made by carving and modeling in round and relief in materials like soft clay, soap plaster- block and plasticine
Rendering techniques, creating textures and pattern
Rendering techniques, creating textures and pattern
Introduction to color theory, tools and materials for drawing
Introduction to color theory, tools and materials for drawing
1.Color abstractions
2.Historical background
3.Traditional color theory
- Complementary colors
- Warm vs. cool colors
- Achromatic colors
- Tints and shades
- Split primary colors
- Color harmony and color meaning
4.Color mixing, color schemes and color combination on the color wheel
Types of Designs
Floral, geometric, ethnic, conversational Designs
Understanding of the value of space through line, form, color and texture.
Placement of motifs, Exploration and experiments with different materials