Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
1.1 Introduction of mechanical engineering.
1.2 Use of mechanical engineering :
i: In day to day life.
ii: Interdisciplinary use.
1.3 Items in general use- identification criteria, major types, specifications and uses : such as bolts, nuts, washers, bearings, bushes, belts, springs, levers, couplings, rakes, screws, rivets, keys, o’ rings, oil seals, gears, pulleys, shafts, axles, etc.
1.4 Pipes and pipe fittings- Types, specifications and uses of pipes and pipe fittings.
1.5 Hand and power tools:
i: Types, specifications and uses of spanners (such as fix, ring, box, pipe, allen, adjustable, etc.).
ii: Types, specifications and uses of hand tools (such as pliers, screw drivers, saws, hammers, chisels, cutters, planes, etc.).
Types, specifications and uses of power tools(drill, chipper, etc.)
Power Transmission & Safety
2.1 Power transmission:
i. Importance.
ii. Modes (belt drives, rope drives, chain drives and gear trains).
iii. Types of belts.
iv. Gear train-concept, transmission ratio.
v. Applications.
2.2 Types and applications of couplings in power transmission.
2.3 Causes and remedies of general accidents in power transmission.
2.4 Safety norms to be followed for preventing accidents and damage in power transmission.
2.5 Safety norms to be followed in mechanical based industries / shop floors.
Welding and Gas Cutting
3.1 Welding and Gas Cutting
i. Types of welding
ii. Arc and gas welding equipment, accessories and consumables.
iii. Types of work carried out by welding and gas cutting.
3.2 Welding and Gas Cutting Process
i. Working setup of arc and gas welding.
ii. Precautions and safety during arc and gas welding
Internal Combustion Engines (I.C.Engines)
4.1 Internal combustion engines.
i: Meaning.
ii: Classification.
4.2 Working of petrol engine, diesel engine and gas engine.
4.3 Performance parameters.
4.5 Main parts and functions.
4.6 Applications.
Common troubles and remedies.
Hydraulic and Pneumatic devices
5.3 Pump.
i. Working principle.
ii. Types.
iii. Working of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps.
iv. Performance parameters.
v. Main parts of pumps and their functions.
vi. Common troubles and remedies.
5.4 Water turbines-working principle, types and applications.
5.5 Common troubles and remedies of water turbine.
5.6 Air compressor.
i. Working principle.
ii. Types.
iii. Performance parameters.
iv. Applications.
5.7 Other hydraulic/pneumatic/ hydro-pneumatic equipments.
i. Principle of working-hydraulic lift, hydraulic pump, hydraulic power pack, hydraulic jack.
ii. Applications of above equipments.
Material Handling
6.1 Need of material handling.
6.2 Types, principle of working and applications of material handling equipments.
i. Hoisting equipments.
ii. Conveying equipments.
iii. Surface & overhead equipments.
iv. Earth moving machineries.
v. Construction machineries.
6.3 Criteria for selection of material handling equipments.
6.4 Factors affecting selection of material handling equipments.
6.5 Selection of suitable material handling equipment for the given situation.
6.6 Common troubles and remedies.