Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Civil Engineering Activities At Construction Site
Construction activities such as excavation, brick masonry, concreting, carpentry, welding, plumbing, etc.
Importance and Interdependency of various activities
Technical aspects involved in workmanship and Safety precautions
Masonry and Concreting
Brick and stone Masonry work, Different type of joints/bonds, Concept of line, plumb, right angle and water level.
Plastering, Pointing,
Flooring, Skirting and Dado
Concrete Laying: Proper Mixing of concrete, Use of tools like concrete mixtures and vibrators, different types of vibrators.
-Centering/ Shuttering
Carpentry, Welding and Drilling work
Types of woods/timber, different types of tools, machines and accessories for wood works
Types of welding, ARC welding, Gas welding, Gas Cutting, welding of dissimilar materials, Selection of welding rod material, welding processes.
Fitting operation like chipping, filing, right angle, marking, drilling, tapping etc.
Drilling machine.
Safety precautions in carpentry, welding, fittings safety equipments and its use in
Different types of pipes, joints, taps, fixtures and accessories used in plumbing.
Components (pipes, bends, chambers etc.) used in sanitary/sewerage lines
Scheme/plan for water supply and sanitary system for a simple residential building.
Finishing Works
False ceiling, POP work, aluminum –glass works
Whitewashing and painting: brush, roller and spray painting, types of finishing, preparation of surface, need of primer for timber, steel and plastered surface.