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Electronic Components, Measuring Instruments and Tools
1.1 Passive components: Different types of: resistors, inductors, capacitors, potentiometers, Thermistor, Transformer, auto transformer
1.2 Active components: Diode, Zener diode, Varactor diode, LED, Photo diode, BJT, Photo transistor, FET, LDR, Solar cell, Photocell, Optocoupler
1.3 Voltage Sources: DC battery (Pencil cell :1.5V, AAA,AA Type, +9V, Rechargeble Cell, Mobile battery) AC power supply, DC power supply
1.4 Measuring Instruments: Different types of Voltmeters, Ammeters, Watt meters, multimeter, LCR-Q meter, CRO, DSO, Function Generator, Frequency counter
1.5 Electronic Workshop Tools: Bread board, Copper clad laminate sheet, Solder iron, solder-stand, solder-wire, flux, flexible wire, hookup wire, cables, relays, switches, connectors, fuses, Cutter, plier, screwdriver set, wire stripper, desolder pump, De-solder wick, drilling machine
Building, Wiring, Soldering and Testing of Electronic Circuits
2.1 Electronic circuit Drawing
Series and Parallel network using Resistors, Capacitors, T-type/ p-type attenuator,
Circuit diagram for:
- forward/reverse biased PN Junction diode
- Half wave, Full wave and Bridge Rectifier using diode
- characteristics of Zener diode/ LED/ Photo diode/LDR
- Transistor characteristics in CE/CB configuration
- Zener diode as shunt regulator
- Transistorized shunt/ series regulators
- +5V, -5V, +/-5V dc regulated power supply using IC 78XX / 79XX with LED indication
- LM317 variable voltage regulator
- Clipper/Clamper
- Low pass filter, High pass filter, Band pass filter, Band elimination filter
- Light operated Relay
- Transistorized touch control switch
- Rain drop detector
2.2 Electronic circuit on bread board
2.3 Soldering/desoldering, electronic circuit on general purpose PCB
Use of Data sheets for Component Selection and Specification
3.1 Manufacturer’s Datasheet of:
- Diodes IN4001 to 07, IN4148; 2N5402, 2N5408, BY127
- Zener Diode, Photo diode, LED, Varactor diode, Seven segment LED
- Transistors BC107, BC177, BC547/548, SL100, SK100, AC127/128, BF194, TIP122, Photo transistor
- voltage regulator IC78XX, 79XX, LM317
- Packages of various SMD components: Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor, Diode-LL4148, SM4007, Chip transistor, Chip Darlington transistor, Bridge rectifier
Schematic, Layout and Tracing of Electronic Circuits
4.1 Manually Prepare PCB layout on graph paper
4.2 PCB design software
4.3 PCB layout - Component side and copper side
4.4 Tracing for PCB Fabrication
4.5 Tracing of circuit on PCB
Mini Project
5.1 Fabrication of PCB, component mounting, Soldering, testing & troubleshooting of circuits on PCB