Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Basics of Information Technology
1.1 Information Technology: Understanding the need of Information, Data, Knowledge, Difference between Data, Information and Knowledge.
1.2 Benefits of IT infrastructure, Ethical issues : Plagiarism, Use of License Software, copyright infringement, Intellectual property Rights, its impact on IT.
1.3 IT Infrastructure Components: Computer Hardware, Operating System, Software, Network components.
Anatomy of Computer System
2.1 Anatomy of computers: Motherboard, CPU, SMPS, Expansion slots, Drives, Storage devices
2.2 Input devices: Keyboard, Mouse, Pen, Touch Screen, Scanners.
2.3 Output devices: Monitors, LCD, LED, Printers, tablets.
2.4 Memory: RAM, ROM, Cache, Auxiliary Memory, HDD, CD, DVD, Blue ray and USB drives.
Types of Software
3.1 Types of software: Overview of System software and application software, Operating system, Utility software, drivers, compilers and interpreters.
3.2 Operating system: Windows :Desktop, Control Panel, Driver installation, create users, rename computer, manipulate taskbar, power management, screensaver, Install new peripheral.
Basics of Computer Networking
4.1 Network advantages like resource sharing, file sharing, common Storage.
4.2 LAN, MAN, WAN, Internet, lay out of STAR, BUS, MESH and RING topology.
4.3 Networking infrastructure: Repeater, Bridge, Hub, Switch, Router, Firewall, Gateway, NIC, Cables, MODEM.
Basics of Internet, Its Applications & Security
5.1 Internet basics: Dial up Connection, DSL, Leased line connectivity, Wi-Fi Connection, Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome.
5.2 Protocols : http, https, www, IP, setting up Internet connection on DSL, setting up Internet on local network.
5.3 DNS:types with examples
5.4 Search engines : Google, yahoo, bing: search images, maps, news, search content using Different criteria.
5.5 Applications of Internet : www, mail, news, Chat, social networking.
5.6 Threats to IT infrastructure : Physical, Access level : password breaks, hacking, web based threats like weak passwords, social engineering, pirated software, unethical websites, Malicious programs, infrequent updates, protecting and mitigating threats : Use of Anti Virus software, scanning computer regularly, updating anti Virus.