Text and Reference Books

Electrical & Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation

Author : Sawhney, A. K.

Publisher : Dhanpat Rai & Co., 2005 or later Edition

Transducers and Instrumentation

Author : Murty, D. V.

Publisher : Prentice Hall of India, 2005 or later Edition

Mechanical and Industrial measurements

Author : Jain, R. K.

Publisher : Khanna Publishes, 2005 or later Edition

Instrumentation Devices and Systems

Author : Rangan, Sharm, Mani

Publisher : Tata McGraw Hill, 2005 or later Edition

Electronic Instrumentation

Author : Kalsi, H. S.

Publisher : Tata McGraw Hill, 3rd or later Edition

Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Fourth Edition, Volume 1,2

Author : B.G. Liptak

Publisher : CRC press