Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Passive Components for Instrumentation
1.1 Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance, Reactance, Impedance.
1.2 Series and Parallel combination of passive components
1.3 RL, RC and RLC circuits and their application as integrator and differentiator
1.4 Transformers : step-up, step-down, auto, Isolation and Control transformers
1.5 Miscellaneous devices: fuse, wired and glass (slow blow, fast blow, resettable, FRC).
i) Contactors: 1- phase and 3-phase
ii) Switches: SPDT, DPDT, 1-NO,1- NC, Iron clad, Reed, Limit
Active Components for Instrumentation
2.1 Two, Three and Four layer Semiconductor devices.
2.2 Two terminal devices viz. diodes (PN junction, Zener, Varactor diode, photo diode, Light emitting diode, schottky diode, Varistor, PIN diode, IMPATT, Tunnel diode, crystal diode, Gunn diode, Laser diode, DIAC.
2.3 Three terminal devices: NPN, PNP; JFET, MOSFET, Power transistor, Darlington transistor
Feedback Amplifiers and Oscillators
3.2 BJT Amplifier based on:
i) CE,CB and CC Amplifier
ii) Biasing: Class A, Class B, class C
iii) Coupling :RC, Transformer, Direct
iv) Application: AF, RF and Instrumentation
3.3 Oscillators: RC-Phase-shift, Colpitts, Hartley, Crystal Oscillator, Wein bridge Oscillator etc.
Operational Amplifier
4.1 Ideal OP-AMP, block diagram Characteristics, Differential gain, Common mode gain, CMRR, Slew rate, Gain- bandwidth product, virtual ground concept Operation of OPAMP with and without negative feedback.
4.2 Inverting, non-inverting and unity gain amplifier, integrator, differentiator, comparator, summing amplifier, logarithmic amplifier, voltage to frequency converter, frequency to voltage converter, instrumentation amplifier.
Instrumentation Components, Indicators, Recorders and encoders.
5.1. Indicators, plotters, Recorders
5.2. Valve, actuator, valve positioner, filled systems, relay, digital encoders and decoders.
5.3 Bourdon tube, bellows, Diaphragms, capsules, swirl & de swirl, proving ring, piston cylinders, Flapper Nozzle, Pneumatic relay.
5.4 Regulators and lubricators, thermo wells, floats, plum bobs, displacers, elbow taps, orifice plates, Venturi tube, Pitot tube, flow nozzles, Proving ring.
5.5 All types of Thermocouple leads
5.6 Proximity sensor: Inductive, Capacitive and Optical.
5.7 Limit switch & Safety switches: level, flow, displacement, pressure, temperature, and speed.