Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Multi views Representation
1.1 First & third angle projection methods and positions of six views.
1.2 Multi view drawings (all six views) from given isometric drawing / physical object.
1.3 Missing view drawings from given adequate orthographic views.
Sectional Ortho graphics
2.1 Need of sections.
2.2 Section lines and cutting plane.
2.3 Rules for sectioning and section lines.
2.4 Types of sections- full, half, revolved, removed, partial, off-set, aligned.
2.5 Sectional view drawings from given isometrics drawing / physical object and cutting plane conditions.
Projections and Sections of Solids
3.1 Types and dimensional specifications of solids (prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone).
3.2 Projections of solids - in various positions with respect to the reference planes. (Parallel, perpendicular and inclined to HP and / or VP.)
3.3 Sectional views of different solids in given various positions.
3.4 True shape of section.
Intersection and Penetration of Solids and Surfaces
4.1 Importance and field use.
4.2 Intersection curve for Intersection / penetration of :
i. Prism into prism.
ii. Cylinder into cylinder.
iii. Cylinder into prism.
iv. Cone into cylinder.
Development of Surfaces
5.1 Importance of development of surfaces.
5.2 Drawing of development of surfaces of prism, pyramid, cylinder and cone – independent, sectioned and combination.
Drafting Symbols
6.1 Machining symbol and its interpretation.
6.2 Geometrical symbols and its interpretation.
6.3 Other drafting symbols like threading, dowels, pins, ribs, bearings, etc.
6.4 Notes in drawing like heat treatment conditions, surface conditions, assembly notes, etc. (All symbols as per BIS).
Welded Joints, Piping & Duct Layouts
7.1 Weld symbols as per BIS-813 / ASME (primary symbols & supplementary symbols).
7.2 Weld nomenclature.
7.3 Weld dimensions.
7.4 Welding drawing interpretations. (like simple heat exchangers, pressure vessels, etc.)
7.5 Pipe-types, standards and designation methods.
7.6 Pipe line symbol as per passing fluid, air, gas, water etc.
7.7 Piping fitting symbols.
7.8 Pipe line diagram.
7.9 Interpretation of Process flow diagram & piping isometrics & pipe schedule chart.
7.10 Ducts-types and applications.
7.11 Duct layout.
Details & Assembly
8.1 Importance and difference of these drwaings.
8.2 Detail drawing from given assembly.
8.3 Assembly drawings from given details.
8.4 Preparing bill of material (part list).
9.1 Detachable & permanent fasteners.
9.2 Sketches of threads (square, acme, knuckle, Internal – external threads, Left hand – right hand threads, Single & multi start threads).
9.3 Sketches of studs (cap screws, machine screws, set screws).
9.4 Sketches of bolts & nut (hexagonal, square).
9.5 Sketches of rivets (snap, pan, countersunk, conical).
9.6 Sketches of keys.