Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Introduction to AutoCAD, workspace and drawing fundamentals
1.1 Introduction to AutoCAD and its interface.
1.2 How to start, save and open existing drawing in AutoCAD.
1.3 Pan & zoom command practice with keyboard shortcuts.
1.4 Customize workspace setting.
1.5 Different drawing methods in AutoCAD using line command (Absolute co-ordinate, Relative Rectangle method, and Relative polar method & direct distance entry method).
1.6 Importance of object snapping and tracking and polar settings.
Drawing & Modifying commands
2.1 Basic drawing commands i.e. line, circle, rectangle, ellipse, arc, polyline,
2.2 Spline, x-ray, construction line, hatch Modifying commands-move, copy, rotate, mirror, fillet, chamfer, trim, extend, offset, explode, scale, stretch, erase, array
2.3 Advance modifying commands- break, polyline edit
Orthographic drawing
3.1 Concept of orthographic views.
3.2 Drawing ortho views in AutoCAD using advanced Draw & Modify commands like x-ray and construction line.
Isometric drawing
4.1 Use of Iso-Grid, Iso-Circle
4.2 Changing cursor shape for TV, FV & SV
4.3 Draw isometric views from given orthographic views.
4.4 Dimensioning of an Isometric view
5.1 Creating text (single line, multiline)
5.2 Dimensioning the drawing
5.3 Creating table & linking from excel
Layer management, blocks & attributes
6.1 Concept and use of layer
6.2 Create, modify and deleting a layer
6.3 Concept of Block
6.4 Creating block with attributes
7.1 Plotting drawing from model space and layout
7.2 Create page setup
7.3 Creating viewport
7.4 Plotting drawing with annotative style
7.5 Need of title block with template
Palettes & Miscellaneous commands
8.1 importance of property palette & design center
8.2 Learn various miscellaneous commands like inquiry, purge, multiline, area, Massprop
Introduction to 3D Solid Modeling
9.1 Basics of 3D solid modeling
9.2 Switching from 2d to 3d workspace
9.3 Solid primitive commands like box, cylinder ,sphere, wedge, pyramid, torus.
9.4 Creating solid from sketch using extrude, revolve, loft and sweep command.
9.5 Modifying solid model using various solid editing commands.
Rendering 3D solid model
10.1 concept of rendering
10.2 material assigning to solid model & rendering it