Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Yarn preparationWinding
1.1 Sequence of weaving preparatory process.
1.2 Objects of winding.
1.3 Methods of package driving and yarn take up.
1.4 Methods of yarn traversing.
1.5 Type of wind.
1.6 Yarn clearing device, Tensioning device, Balloon breaker, Automatic thread stop motion, Driving arrangement, Antipatterning device etc.
1.7 Super Speed winding machine.
1.8 Automation in winding (Knotter, Types & quality of knot, Splicing, Comparison of knotting & splicing)
1.9 Defects of winding package
1.10 Requirement of package for shuttle less weaving machine, knitting machine, Beam & sectional warping and yarn dyeing
1.11 Production calculations
Pirn Winding
2.1 Objects of Pirn winding
2.2 Advantage of rewound weft over direct weft
2.3 Automatic Pirn winding machine
2.4 Various adjustments on auto pirn winding Machine. 2.6 Package fault in pirn winding
2.7 Production calculations
Basics of Weaving
3.1 Passage of warp and cloth through a plain power loom
3.2 Primary motion of loom. ( Objects, Types)
3.3 Shedding motion- Different shedding mechanism, Types of shed, Negative tappet shedding motion with timing and settings, Early and late shedding, Heald staggering, Dwell period.
3.4 Picking and checking motion -different types of picking, Over pick and Under motion with timing and settings, Picking accessories, Shuttle box.
3.5 Beating up motion - Beat up motion with timing and settings, Different types of reed and Heald shaft, Reed Count and Heald count.
3.6 Secondary motion of loom with objects and different type -Seven wheel take up, Negative let off
3.7 Auxiliary motions -Objects and type of warp protector motion, Working of different Warp protector motion, Objects and type of Weft stop motion, Working of Side weft fork stop motion, Temples, Brake
3.8 Cloth defects their causes and remedies.
3.9 Production calculations