Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Data Collection
Design Project - I
1.1 Case Study of existing single volume buildings - from any of the above topics.
- Primary data collection : On Site
- Secondary data collection : From Books, Magazines, Internet, etc.
Development of Concept and Preparing Sketch Design
2.1 Form - primary tool for a designer
2.2 Shape - principal identifying form as it results from the specific configuration of a form’s surfaces and edges
2.3 Size - dimensions of form i.e. length, width & depth which determine the proportions
2.4 Scale and proportion
2.5 Function – as the precondition for the design
- State the requirements
- Derivation of the form keeping in mind the functional requirements.
Activity-space relationship
Preparing Site Plan
3.1 Building orientation on site
Design Development Drawings
4.1 Development of floor plans, sections, elevations and spatial relationships at appropriate scale.
4.2 Development of elevations and sections with respect to building finishes fenestrations and levels.
4.3 Draw an axonometric/isometric view of the designed building
Final Presentation Drawings and model
5.1 Final presentation drawings with rendering
5.2 Preparation of a model
Design Project - II
Design Project - II
Time Problem of single volume building e.g.: Milk booth, Watch man's cabin, Bus Stop, etc