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Projections of Solids
1.1 Different types of solids like cube, prism, pyramids, cone and cylinder.
1.2 Different terms like apex, axis, slant edge, meaning and identification of the true length of the base side, true length of the slant edge, true shape of triangular face of pyramids, etc.
1.3 Procedure for drawing Various position of solids relative to the reference planes, projections of solids:
- Standing Position
- Inclined to one plane only
Sections of Solids
2.1 Introduction of: cutting planes, auxiliary planes, true shape, full section, half section
2.2 Procedure for drawing the projection of sectioned solid such as cube, prism, pyramid, cone and cylinder) for the given position of the cutting plane
Development of Surfaces
3.1 Development of simple and truncated geometrical solids such as cube, prisms, pyramids, cylinder and cone
Perspective Views
4.1 Important Terms - Picture Plane, Station point, Vanishing point, Eye level, Ground level, Central visual ray, etc.
4.2 Perspective drawings,
- One Point Perspective
- Two Point Perspective
Architectural Rendering Techniques
5.1 Different Rendering Techniques Different types of rendering techniques showing various rendering patterns, human figures, vehicles, furniture, trees, etc.
5.2 Presentation Drawings with Sciography