Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Introduction to embroidery and tools and equipment required for hand embroidery.
1.1 Origin of embroidery
1.2 development of embroidery
1.3 importance of embroidery
1.4 Selection, use and maintenance of tools and equipment for embroidery
1.5 Various threads used in embroidery.
1.6 Accessories used in embroidery.
1.7 Various types of Needles and fabrics with its impact on quality parameters.
Different types of Basic Embroidery Stitches.
3.1 Back stitch
3.2 Stem Stitch
3.3 Blanket stitch
3.4 Chain stitch
3.5 Laid and Couching /cording
3.6 Cross stitch
3.7 Feather stitch / Fly stitch
3.8 Satin stitch
3.9 Lazy –daisy stitch
3.10 Bullion and French knot
3.11 Long and short stitch
3.12 Herring bone
Different types of Indian Embroideries.
4.1 Kashmiri Kashida
4.2 Bagh and Phulkari of Punjab
4.3 Chamba Rumals ofHimachal
4.4 Kashida, Sujani and appliqué of Bihar
4.5 Bengal Kantha
4.6 Murshidabad and Dacca embroidery
4.7 Manipuri embroidery
4.8 Rajasthan embroidery
4.9 Kasuti of Maharashtra and Mysore
4.10 Chikankari of Luchnow (Uttar Pradesh)
4.11 Kutch and Kathiawar embroidery of Gujarat
4.12 Gold and silver embroidery (zardosi)
Product Development
Designing of Product with Application of Any One Traditional Embroidery