Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Fundaments of Design.
1.1 (i) Fundamentals like Point, Line, Space, Shape, Size and Proportion, Color, Tone, Texture, etc.
1.1 (ii) Identification of Design and Graphic Design.
1.2 Color
1.2(i) Color Theory (Hue, Shade, Tint)
1.2(ii) Color Wheel with Primary, Secondary Tartary, Warm, Cool, Contrast.
1.2 (iii) Knowledge of various types of Color schemes (Color combination) – Complementary, Analogous, Split complementary, Triad, Soft, Dark, Monochromatic
1.2(iv) Selection of Color, Emotional Appeal of Color, Response of Color.
Principles of Design
2.1 Principles of Design like Balance, Contrast, Proportion, Harmony, Unity, Rhythm etc.,
2.2 Effective composition in Design.
Originals, Layout, Type Face, and Art work
3.1 Types of Originals
3.1(i) Line Original, Continuous Original, etc.
3.1(ii) Black & White Photographs, Color Photographs, Use of various lenses & Filters, High & Low Contrast, Brightness for improving quality of Photographic prints, Resizing, Cropping etc.
3.2(i) Basics knowledge Type Faces, Styles & Four Family of Types, Legibility and Readability of Types
3.2(ii) Selection of Typefaces/fonts suitable to the subject and relation between type face and product, Printing process and Paper/substrate
3.3 (i) Creation of Symbol & Slogan
3.3(ii) Knowledge of Logo, Monogram, Trademark, Copy Writing etc.
3.4 (i) Purpose, Importance and Function of Layout.
3.4(ii) Types of Layout, Rough and Finished Layout
3.4 (iii) Composition methods (arrangements of Illustration, text matter, Logo (Symbol), Slogan, address etc.)
3.5 (i) Available Indian Paper Sizes..
3.5(ii) Various Imposition schemes, Sheet work, Half Sheet work, Types of Folding
3.5(iii) Dummy Preparation and its importance.
3.6 (i) Various techniques of Art work
3.6(ii) Knowledge of Art work for various printed products. Such as Publication, Books, Periodicals, Publicity and Display material, Hand Bills, Catalogue, (Brochures) Danglers etc., Packaging Materials, Stationary, Business forms, Continuous stationary etc.,
Specialty Printing – Lottery Tickets, Security stamps, Currency Printing, Bank cheque, Barcode, Hologram, Maps (Cartography)
Computer Software for Graphic Design
4.1 Basic Introduction of various software used for Graphic Designing. (Corel draw, Page maker, Illustrator, In Design etc.)
4.2(i) Introduction of Tools and their uses in Corel draw software.
4.2(ii) Introduction of Menu with their options of Corel draw software.
4.3(iii) Introductory use of Corel draw software in Graphic Design.
4.4(iv) Identify File formats used in Graphic Design