Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Classification of textile fibres
1.1 Type of Textile fibres
1.2 Classification of fibres as per their origin, and as per end uses.
Manufacturing techniques of manmadefibres
2.1 Manufacturing techniques of various regenerated manmade fibres like viscose rayon, acetate rayon, cuprammonium rayon, etc.
2.2 Manufacturing techniques of various synthetic fibres like Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Propylene, etc.
Properties of textile fibres
3.1 Useful properties of fibres.
3.2 Various physical properties for different fibres
3.3 Various chemical properties for different fibres
Identification of fibres
4.1 Physical identification of various textile fibres using different methods like microscopic view, burning test, etc.
4.2 Chemical dissolution methods to identify various textile fibres.
4.3 Differential dyeing methods to identify various textile fibres.
Textile Yarns
5.1 Different types of yarns- Filament yarn, staple yarn, textured yarn, twisted yarn, etc.
5.2 Staple yarn manufacturing methods like ring spinning, open end spinning, etc.
5.3 Various un-conventional yarn manufacturing techniques in brief.
5.4 Various texturing and twisting methods for filament yarns
Textile Fabrics
6.1 Different type of fabrics-. Woven, Nonwoven, Knitted, Braided, Laces, etc.
6.2 Weaving methods for fabric making in brief.
6.3 Various methods for Non-woven fabric making in brief.
6.4 Knitting methods for fabric making in brief.
6.5 Manufacturing methods for other types of fabrics in brief.