Text and Reference Books

Basic Electronics and Linear Circuits

Author : Bhargava, N.,Kulshreshtha D., S.Gupta

Publisher : Tata McGraw- Hill Education, 2011

Electronics Devices and Circuits

Author : Mottershead, Allen

Publisher : PHI Learning,2011

Electronic Principles - with simulation CD

Author : Malvino, A.P.

Publisher : Tata McGraw- Hill , Education,7th Edition

Principles of Electronics

Author : Mehta ,V.K.

Publisher : S. Chand, 2004 or latest

Electronics Devices and Circuit Theory

Author : Boylestad, Robert & Louis, Nashelsky

Publisher : Pearson, 10th Edition

Op-Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits

Author : Gayakwad , Ramakant A

Publisher : PHI, Learning,4th Edition

Electronic Devices and Circuits

Author : Dr. Sharma, Sanjay

Publisher : KATSON,2012

Fundamentals of Electronic Devices and Circuits

Author : David, A Bell

Publisher : Oxford Press, 5thEdition, 2008