Pharmacy Admission 2021 Gujarat Pharmacy Admission

Management Quota B.Pharm. Admission 2021

1. Each institute will have to conduct admission process in a fair, transparent & non-exploitative manner and no eligible candidate should be denied issuing or accepting his/her admission form.

2. Each institute would nominate one Nodal Officer from their institute for granting admission on Management Seats. Name of Nodal Officer with telephone number should be informed to the Admission Committee. Student as well as Admission Committee may contact Nodal Officer in connection with any complaint related to the Admission and Nodal Officer will have to solve all such complaints within the time limit.

3. Each institute would follow the time table given by the Admission Committee for granting admission on Management Seats. Admission process will begin from 29/07/2018 and will have to be completed latest by 19/08/2018. The list of admitted students will have to be uploaded on PI (Participant Institute) module of NIC web portal latest by 01/08/2018 without fail.

4. Individual institution or group of institutions on a common platform may conduct admission process of Management Seats. All details regarding admission should be published in any one of the leading newspapers in the State having circulation of 50,000 or more copies and also on institute’s website. At least 7 working days are to be provided for filling up and acceptance of admission forms. The schedule of admission process should include dates for distribution and acceptance of admission forms, declaration of merit list and date and placed for counseling should invariably be published in a single advertisement and the entire details are to be provided to the Admission Committee.

5. The institute will have to maintain a record of distribution and acceptance of admission forms in a separate register. The institute will have to prepare merit list (inter-se) from the applications of eligible students who occupy merit number of Admission Committee, display it on the institute’s notice board as well as on website and a copy of the same is to be forwarded to the Admission Committee. All the students included in the merit list should individually be communicated by speed post or registered post for counseling at least seven days prior to the date of counseling.

6. The fees for the admission form on Management Seats should not be more than Rs. 350/-.

7. Every institute has to follow the said guidelines scrupulously for filling up of Management Seats. Any complaint regarding violation of the said guidelines against the institute will be taken seriously and penal actions will be initiated under the Gujarat Professional Technical Educational Colleges or Institutions (Regulation of Admission and Fixation of Fees) Act, 2007 (Gujarat Act No.2 of 2008) in such cases.

8. Self-financed institutions can admit students who have passed qualifying examination from Outside Gujarat State with minimum eligibility criteria, on merit basis, on a maximum limit of 5% seats out of sanctioned intake from 25% management seats.

9. Institute will not deny issuing or accepting admission form within the stipulated time limit to any candidate. Even though, if any institute denies issuing or accepting of admission form, the students can take print out of the admission form from the website of Admission Committee, fill up the form and submit it to the Admission Committee with an Affidavit on a stamp paper worth Rs. 50/-. Such forms and affidavit should be submitted personally at Grievance Cell of Admission Committee with Rs. 350/- per form, per institute as administrative charges within the time limit stipulated by the Admission Committee. Separate form and affidavit has to be submitted for each institute.

Thereafter such forms will be sent to the respective institutions. The institutions will have to accept such forms and include such students in the merit list of the institute.