Aeronautical Engineering GTU Code - 01

  • An aeronautic engineer is the individual who is responsible for the design, building and science of aircraft.
  • The field is closely related to astronautical engineering; both aeronautical and astronautical engineering are branches of aerospace engineering.
  • Aeronautical engineers design, test and oversee the production of airplanes, helicopters, rockets and other types of airborne craft.
  • Some also develop advanced technologies for aerodynamic vehicles such as submarines, hydrofoils, high-speed trains and wind turbines.
  • Some aeronautic engineers specialize in studying the effects of aircraft on the environment, the potential dangers of new aircraft technologies or fuel efficiency.
  • Within aeronautical engineering, a person may focus on the design of aircraft systems, also called avionics, or materials research and selection.
  • Employers include airplane and aerospace manufacturers, national laboratories and government agencies.