Environmental Science & Technology GTU Code - 35

Environmental engineering is a branch in civil engineering. Environmental engineering requires more on chemical and biology kbkwledge as they focus more on how to provide and improve good environmental surrounding. Environmental will be the one design, monitor and operate the watertreatment/wastewater treatment plant but they usually doesn’t involve in constructing it. This is where civil will take care. In a civil engineering project, environmental engineer usually only involved in planning, design and supervising while civil engineer will cater overall of it. Environmental engineer usually get high opportunity as officer at site while civil engineer can be the site agent or the project managers. Environmental engineer can easily terminate projects if the EIA result is bad. So in conclusion civil engineers can be an environmental engineer but environmnetal engineers cannot be a civil engineers. If you like to go on vast field then take civil engineering. If you like to focus on environmental things then go for environmental engineering.