CPD - Contributor Personality Development


The Contributor Personality Program has been designed keeping in mind the following:

  1. Technology students should not only be excellently trained in the technological field, they should acquire soft skills if they are to be successful. Every student must also learn about the techniques of effective participation in a group discussion. He/she must learn to prepare his/her resume and he/she should also be groomed for presenting himself/herself at an interview.
  2. There is a great need to equip students with not only the right skill-sets but also the right mindsets.
  3. This subject will be taught by faculty of English. For B. Pharm., the institute will have to nominate one faculty member for the subject.

  4. The 'mindsets' needed in today's environment must support both (i) effective action and (ii) values and service oriented behavior.
    Effective action without human values can lead to personal benefits for individuals but a long-term cost to both nation and society. Human values without effective action can lead to an inability on the part of the individual to perform and flourish in today's environment.
    This combination of effectiveness with human values is crystallized in the concept of “contributor ship”.
  5. Students who adopt and develop the right mindsets early in their professional career are able to bring about a positive and sustainable change in their overall personality.
    They are able to grow the right approaches to their peers, seniors, industry, and their own future. They become more responsible and capable of shaping their own lives.
    Therefore, the program may be rightly called a “Contributor Personality Development Program”.
  6. Any program of this sort must, in order to be effective, be inspired and guided by a high ideal and principles/ practices flowing from that ideal.
    The Contributor Personality Program is guided by the ideals and ideas of Swami Vivekananda – who represented in his leonine personality the highest ideals of human values combined with effective action.