CPD - Contributor Personality Development

  1. The entire course will use a three-level instructional strategy
    • Level I: Classroom Explorations
    • Level II: Projects and Presentations
    • Level III: Self-study by students

  2. Level I: Classroom Explorations
    • The Classroom Explorations will be organized around the „Contributor Personality Program – Study Book‟.
      The Study Book may be downloaded by the student from the resource site produced by GTU.
    • The Classroom Explorations involves two kinds of explorations:
      • Exploration of key concepts / frameworks such as “contributors vision of success” etc.
      • Exploration of the examples provided in the CPP Study Book.
    • The Classroom Explorations will be supported by Session Guide Sheets available online in the CPP ActivGuide.

  3. Level II: Projects & Presentations
    • The entire Classroom Exploration process will be supplemented by projects and presentations.
    • Session Guides will provide sample topics for projects and presentations. Individual instructors will be free to develop their own projects/ presentation topics also.
    • This will not only enhance conceptual clarity but also build presentation, publicspeaking, report writing, and group discussion skills of the students.

  4. Level III: Self Study by students
    • Students will be given extensive learning support (upto 400 learning units) in the ActivGuide website. This will include videos, presentations, tests, etc.
    • Students can refer to ActivGuide on their own time through internet.