GTU 100 Activity Points - FAQs

FAQs related to “100 point activity points“ initiative of GTU

Q.1 For whom 100 activity point system is applicable?
100 activity point completion are applicable to every regular student admitted to 4-year BE program from academic year 2015-16

Q.2 How this program will be evaluated?
GTU will appoint external examiners who will evaluate each student in consultation with internal faculty members after verifying the certificates/ proof as claimed by students.

Q.3 Can the ongoing co-curricular and extracurricular activities of any college be included in this program?
Yes, Suitable activities can be informed to concerned authority in GTU before 31st May of every year. After approval such initiatives can be included under 100 activity point system.

Q.4 Can a detained student participates in activities in the period of detention and if so whether it will be considered while calculating 100 activity points.
With permission from authorities/principals a student in such a scenario can still participate in the activities.

Q.5 What is the minimum duration of workshop to be considered as a legitimate activity for fetching desired scores?
Minimum 1-day (6 hours) duration will qualify for such consideration.

Q.6 Who will certify the participation and performance of the students?
The organizing committee activity /prescribed authority associated with the program at the university or zonal level, competent college authority can certify the participation and performance of the concern students. In case, if the student has genuinely done/participated in some activity, but the specified proof is not available with him/her then college can issue the certificate/letter endorsing the claim of the student.

Q.7 What will be evaluated in each sub activity during examination?
The knowledge and skills required or implemented during any particular activity will be verified by the external examiners.

Q.8 Howcan the points be allotted for any activity?
If the claims/ certification by student is validated by examiners while interacting with them then the student will fetch full score which is assigned for that sub activity at that level. If otherwise he will score zero under the claimed sub activity. (i.e. a student will get Zero points or Full points for the activity)

Q.9 Can one student participate and score in multiple events under particular sub category?
Yes . In events like Tech fest and others a student can participate in multiple activities in particular academic year and successful participation/performance will be considered for scoring points in those events/activities.

Q.10 What would be the role of internal guide/examiner and external examiner in 100 pointactivity system?
Each team will be in constant touch with their internal guide/examiner during the academic program and periodically update his/her activities and furnish supporting documents/reports while appraising him/her about progress. The internal guide will verify the claims and give suitable credit points as per the guidelines given by GTU. Internal guide /examiner will co examine each student during final assessment every year . Internal examiner has to ensure that the activity for which, score/points has been already awarded are not claimed in subsequent evaluation(s).
During the examination by external examiner, he /she has to further verify the claims and learning by each student and take inputs from internal examiner/guide for any query.

Q.11 Can one activity done by a particular student be considered for awarding score in that particular academic year or it can be done later on too?
A student can claim to score points in any activity in the academic session during which he/she has participated either in same academic year or subsequent academic year.

Q.12 Which activities/ sub activities will be considered as valid activities for evaluation during university examination for 100 point activity systems every year?
All activities / sub activities listed in the latest GTU 100 point activity list at any point of time will be considered. If any college has developed any other activity apart from list given by University and taken prior approval from GTU sufficiently in advance, then that activity / event will be included by University in List of activities and will considered.

Q.13 For any query regarding “ 100 point activity system “ if any stakeholder associated with GTU has a query where can he/she communicate and get it solved?
Any stakeholder associated with “100 point activity system“ can mail his/her query at or call at 079-23267578 to get the query solved.