GTU 100 Activity Points - Student Manual

Student Help File for 100 Activity Points

Step 1: Link is, Go to Examiner Login.

Step 2: Enter student details for activity point registration.

Step 3: After entering student details click on save button.

Step 4: Click on save button, Message will be display.

Step 5: After registration, click on Student Login.

Step 6: For student login, enrolment number and password is required.

Step 7: After login click on my account

Step 8: In my account, student enrolment number and email id will be displayed.

Step 9: Click on 100 Activity Point and list of activities will be display.

Step 10: Select activities and save all data.

Step 11: After save data, student can print his/her activities data.

Step 12: When clicking on lock data, student will lock his/her data.

Step 13: After locking data, message will be display.

Step 14: Student will print his/her activity point data.

Step 15: After locking data if student wants to changes his/her activities, message will be display. Please contact your institute.