GTU Induction Program Degree Engineering

Evaluation Pattern

  1. Induction Program is Mandatory course for each branch of Engineering.
  2. It is mandatory for each student to clear Induction Program with PASS grade.
  3. Grades for Induction Program are either PASS or FAIL and have no credits. Evaluation for Induction Program is based on the Induction Program Report prepared by a student from Student diary and student will be declared PASS or FAIL.
  4. Student has to submit the Induction Program Report at the end of first semester dully approved by Mentor and HOD.
  5. Evaluation of Induction Program will be done along with first Semester Term-Work Submission.
  6. The evaluation is carried out by Internal Examiner from institute itself. The entry on the GTU portal will be PASS or FAIL, not marks.
  7. The students who will FAIL have to reappear again after every 6 months as remedial exam.