GTU Induction Program Degree Engineering

General Regulations

  1. Every student has to maintain a daily diary. Format of the diary is already given.
  2. After completion of the Induction program student has to prepare a report based on activities performed during the Induction program. Diary will be attached as Appendix in Report.
  3. 75% Attendance is require during Induction Program.
  4. This program will be noncredit subject but it will reflect in 1st Semester Marksheet as PASS or FAIL.
  5. Institute should appoint a mentor for a group of 20 to 30 students. Mentor can take help of senior students.
  6. If student gets admission transfer in other college during Induction Program the diary will be continued from previous college to new college.
  7. If student gets admission in middle of the Induction Program or student gets admission after Induction Program, it is responsibility of the institute to fulfill the criteria of the Induction Program.
  8. If student fails in the Induction program the student has to clear the same during subsequent Semester