GTU Induction Program Degree Engineering

Phases, Modules, Activities and Guidelines

The activity during Induction Program would have an Initial Phase, a Regular Phase and a Closing Phase. The initial and closing phaseswould be one day each. The following is the guidelines indicating the possible activities under eachphaseof the Induction Program.

1. Initial Phase (First Day)
Following are the activities to be carried on the first day:
  • Orientation Programme
  • Know your Department/Institute
  • Know your university
  • Know hostel and other amenities
  • Information about Student Diary and Induction Program
2. Regular phase (13 Days)
The Regular Phase consists of 13 days, each day is of 6 hours. It covers all the 8 different activity modules. For each module, the objectives, suggested activities and guidelines are provided herewith. Institute can use additional relevant activities in additional in suggested activities for each of the phases.
Objectives :
  1. Improve bone health
  2. Improve cardio respiratory and muscular fitness
  3. Understand theanatomy, basic biomechanical principles and terminology.
  4. Examine the effect of nutrition, rest and other lifestyle factors that contribute tothebetter health.
Suggested Activities :
  1. Running/Jogging
  2. Brisk Walk
  3. Cycling
  4. Heavy yard work
  5. Swimming
  6. Yoga/Pranayam
  7. Aerobics
  8. Outdoor Sports/Indoor Games(In addition to cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Other games like Critical Thinking, Math skill developing Games, Memory Games can be included.)
  9. Calculate Body mass index of each students and explain their fitness level from it.
  10. Tree Plantation
  11. Gardening
Guideline :
  • Half an hour Yoga/Pranayam followed by physical activities including various games.
  • Refer this link for Yoga/Pranayam
Objectives :
  1. Develop creativity and imagination through a range of complex activities.
  2. Improve the student's ability to control materials, tools and techniques.
  3. Develop increasing confidence in the use of visual and tactile elements and materials.
Suggested Activities :
  1. Make a model of any physical object related to Engineering Design
  2. Crafting
  3. Painting
  4. Sculpture
  5. Pottery
  6. Music
  7. Dance
Guideline :
  • Use any activities leading to creative thing and practice.
  • Show the video demonstrating the creative ideas and thinking.
  • Show the video demonstrating phenomenon performance using innovation in different areas of humanity and social science.
  • Demonstrate the story of leaders with the context of how with their creative vision, with all odds they achieved success.
Objectives :
  1. Impart universal human values in students.
  2. Enable students to live in harmony within themselves, with family, with society and the nature
  3. Initiate the process of self exploration and self investigation within themselves about their understanding of happiness.
Suggested Activities :
  1. Showing Motivational Movies.
  2. Social Activities like visit of orphanage, old age home, blind peoples'school etc.
  3. Swachchhata Mission Activities.
  4. Awareness regarding environmental issues and remedies.
  5. Spread awareness about blood donation, organ donation, precaution to avoid malaria in monsoon etc.
  6. Discuss autobiography of legendary persons who practiced universal human values in their life and work.
  7. Conduct universal human values group discussions.
Guideline :
  • Use the materials and activities covered in the FDP on Induction Program held at GTU organized by AICTE.
  • The faculties trained from institute will take leadership role to rollout it at institute level.
Objectives :
  1. Inculcate the habit of active (or interactive) consumption of the best content available in literature.
  2. Develop thinking skills.
  3. Improve reading abilities and attitude.
Suggested Activities :
  1. Digital literacy and use of Internet
  2. Basic Mathematics for Solving Real World Problems
  3. Use of Scientific Calculator in Engineering
  4. General Knowledge Quiz Competition
  5. Vedic Mathematics
  6. Reading/writing/speaking/listening
  7. Debating/Elocution
  8. Enacting a play
  9. Book review
Guideline :
  • Use the video lectures to literate students in different skills needed for day-to-day life and need.
  • Motivate students to create the nature of inquiry and reading habits.
  • Arrange the various competitions like Elocution, Essay writing, Storytelling, Book reviews etc.
  • Writingthe review ofthe well known books, movies etc and sharing.
Objectives :
  1. Determining English proficiency level of students and mentoring accordingly.
  2. Learn the mining vocabulary, idioms, and expressions and understand their meanings in context.
  3. Develop ability to write a paragraph about general topics by using the English language correctly.
  4. Realize the importance of English language as a global business language.
Suggested Activities :
  1. English general diagnostic test to determine student's English proficiency level.
  2. Mentoring students to improve in English proficiency according to his/her proficiency level based on test.
Guideline :
  • An MCQ test of 45 minutes should be conducted covering basic grammar and vocabulary.
  • Group the students in three groups based on test result in three proficiency levels:
    • Unsatisfactory
    • Satisfactory
    • Good
  • Following activities are to be used to uplift proficiency levels of students.
    • Motivational movies, documentary
    • Language games
    • Essay/story writing
    • Ice breaking games.
  • Separate set of activities from suggested list should be used for different groups.
Objectives :
  1. Motivation through knowing experience of successful person.
  2. Meet and interact with eminent personalities of different fields.
Suggested Activities :
  1. To conduct lecture by eminent people.
  2. Interaction with leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, contributorsandsuccessful personalities
Guideline :
  • 3 expert lectures each of 1 hour per week.
  • Multiple divisions can be combined in an expert lecture.
  • External expert should be invited.
  • Expert can be from academic, industry, research organization, social organization etc.
  • An individual successful person in any of the field can be invited.
  • The aspect to be addressed may be social / economical / engineering / entrepreneurship/ spiritual/ humanity science.
Objectives :
  1. To familiarize students with the local area.
  2. Sensitise with the different aspects of the life including social services and heritage
Suggested Activities :
  1. A full day visit covering at least 2 or 3 places.
  2. List of possible places
  3. Centre of excellence
  4. Elite Academic Institutes
  5. Research institute
  6. Hospitals
  7. Industry visit
  8. Heritage places
Guideline and References :
  • Institute can arrange visit to public, social or specifies places to give insight of the activities and overall socio-economic contribution of such places.
  • The uniqueness or impact of such visits should be highlighted.
Objectives :
  1. Introduce the student about innovation in different fields
  2. Make students aware about innovative and modern practices and products in their own branch
  3. Create awareness about support available for start-up and innovation
Suggested Activities :
  1. Lectures by senior faculties.
  2. Showing videos demonstrating innovation.
  3. Introducing innovative technology/products.
  4. Awareness regarding SSIP Scheme of Government of Gujarat
  5. Awareness about Government initiatives in areas of innovations and supports for start- up, Incubation, Entrepreneurship etc.
Guideline :
  • Video lectures from leaders and innovators.
  • TeDx Talks.
  • Government Policy documents for different schemes.
3. Closing Phase (Last Day)

The closing phase is the last day of the Induction Program and covering conclusion and summary of the Induction Program.

Conclusion and summary:
  • Guiding students for preparation of student report about Induction Program.
  • Instruct students regarding submission and examination of the Induction Program.
  • Address by HODs/Senior faculties regarding branch/discipline and career option in respective branch.
  • Introduce about the engineering and its importance in life and their responsibilities towards the society.