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1,00,000+ students are currently studying in GTU and 2,50,000+ students have already completed their B.E. (Degree in engineering) from GTU, Ahmedabad since 2008. Companies or recruiters are searching students result or grade history for verification purpose before employment. Many faculties and college staff are also looking for students complete result to counsel the student. Most importantly, parents cannot remember Enrollment No of their loved once so this page becomes easy and handy tool to search the GTU engineering students by Surname, Name, Father name, Branch, College, Zone, etc.

If it displays thousands of results then do narrow your search by selecting branch or college. Sometimes, student’s surname and first name are in reverse order so you can try that search also. Download search results in Excel or CSV.

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Enrollment No Student College Branch Status
160230111001 AISHWARYA PATIL GEC, Surat EC
150180119002 AMOL PRAKASH PATIL GEC, Dahod ME
130640107004 ANIRUDDH BABA SAHEB PATIL K.J., Vadodara CE Passed Out
150140119015 BHUSHAN PATIL GEC, Bharuch ME
160520134007 CHAITANYA PATIL Central Institute, Ahmedabad MFG
130050131024 GITU VASANT PATIL Babaria, Vadodara CSE Passed Out
090070119096 GOWRI PATIL BVM GIA, Vallabh Vidhyanagar ME Passed Out
151230119015 HARSHAD SITARAM PATIL S.S. Agrawal, Navsari ME
100280111125 HARSHAL ANIL PATIL L.D, Ahmedabad EC Passed Out
160500119008 JAY PATIL Sigma, Waghodia ME
130510109030 JIGAR PATIL Alpha, Kalol, Gandhinagar EE Passed Out
110090111118 KIRTI DEVIDAS PATIL C.K.Pithawala, Surat EC Passed Out
080420105020 KOTADIA ASHISHPATIL JITTUBHAI Sarvjanik, Surat CH Passed Out
100240107014 KUMBIPATIL SOMNATHKUMAR NANABHAI Hasmukh Goswami, Ahmedabad CE Passed Out
160283126002 KUNALKUMAR SUDHIR PATIL L.D, Ahmedabad RT
140990135022 MANSI MURLIDHAR PATIL Shroff Rotary, Valia EST
130570111024 MITHILESH PATIL Marwadi, FOE, Rajkot EC Passed Out
110213125015 MR. PATIL RAHUL SURESH GEC, Bhavnagar PR Passed Out
160050119043 NIKHIL PATIL Babaria, Vadodara ME
160333119015 NIRAJKUMAR LOTANBHAI PATIL MG Institute, Navasari ME
090490131063 PALLAVI YESHVANT PATIL SNPITRC, Vidhyabharti, Bardoli CSE Passed Out
110330111033 PANPATIL AKASH DILIPBHAI MG Institute, Navasari EC
150810119034 PANPATIL AKASH P Aadishwar, Gandhinagar ME
140333109021 PATIL AAKASH RAJU MG Institute, Navasari EE Passed Out
150770119609 PATIL AAKASHCHANDRA Silver Oak, Ahmedabad ME
110330119017 PATIL AANAND SAHEBRAO MG Institute, Navasari ME Passed Out
140343106014 PATIL AAYUSHI AVINASH Narnarayan Shastri, Jetalpur CI Passed Out
120243116004 PATIL ABHAY HIRALAL Hasmukh Goswami, Ahmedabad IT Passed Out
090200117047 PATIL ABHIJIT ASHOK GEC, Rajkot IC Passed Out
160990119027 PATIL ABHISHEK Shroff Rotary, Valia ME
130223111013 PATIL ABHISHEK ARUNKUMAR GEC, Patan EC Passed Out
150860119081 PATIL ABHISHEK DIPAK Laxmi, Valsad ME
090130107061 PATIL ABHISHEK NIVRUTTI VGEC, Ahmedabad CE Passed Out
150450105045 PATIL ADITYA BHATOO Sadvidhyamandal, Bharuch CH
140333111019 PATIL AISHWARYA SATISH MG Institute, Navasari EC Passed Out
150993136002 PATIL AJAY CHANDRAKANT Shroff Rotary, Valia CT
130933109067 PATIL AJAY NANDKISHOR Arrdekta, Khedbrahma EE Passed Out
100140119025 PATIL AJAY VIJAY GEC, Bharuch ME Passed Out
110303116013 PATIL AJAYKUMAR ANYAJI LDRP, Gandhinagar IT Passed Out
130810119577 PATIL AKASH Aadishwar, Gandhinagar ME
090240111016 PATIL AKASH ABHIMANYU Hasmukh Goswami, Ahmedabad EC Passed Out
090390111065 PATIL AKASH KISHORBHAI Saffrony, Mehsana EC
100670111110 PATIL AKASH MAHESH SAL-ITER, Ahmedabad EC Passed Out
130560116015 PATIL AKASH MANOHARBHAI Grow More, Himmatnagar IT
150123111009 PATIL AKASH PARASHURAM GIT, Gandhinagar EC
160140111075 PATIL AKSHADA VILAS GEC, Bharuch EC
110330131001 PATIL AKSHATAKUMARI BALVANTBHAI MG Institute, Navasari CSE Passed Out
150240107058 PATIL AKSHAY DILIP Hasmukh Goswami, Ahmedabad CE
161283107009 PATIL AKSHAY RAJUBHAI ApolloIE, Ahmedabad CE
140770119225 PATIL AKSHAY SUNIL Silver Oak, Ahmedabad ME
110183109012 PATIL ALPESH SURESHBHAI GEC, Dahod EE Passed Out
160503119536 PATIL AMIT KAUSHIKBHAI Sigma, Waghodia ME
100240111016 PATIL AMIT RAJENDRAKUMAR Hasmukh Goswami, Ahmedabad EC Passed Out
150050119080 PATIL AMIT SUNIL Babaria, Vadodara ME
100880111057 PATIL AMIT SURESHBHAI Samarth, Himatnagar EC
150013114002 PATIL AMITA SUBHASH ADIT, Vallabh Vidhyanagar FT
150503119021 PATIL AMOL ANIL Sigma, Waghodia ME
141123109023 PATIL AMOL DHONDU Pacific, Surat EE
160950119545 PATIL AMOL JIJABRAO ITMUTC, Waghodia ME
130463106006 PATIL AMRUTA RAJUBHAI Universal, Kalol CI Passed Out
130823131014 PATIL AMUL ANANDRAO Jivraj Mehta, Anand CSE Passed Out
150990109009 PATIL ANKIT BHIMRAO Shroff Rotary, Valia EE
150060119085 PATIL ANKIT RAJUBHAI Bhagwan Mahavir, Surat ME
110370106097 PATIL ANKUSHKUMAR ARUNBHAI Parul Old, Waghodia CI Passed Out
130423116013 PATIL ARCHANABEN GYANESHWAR Sarvjanik, Surat IT Passed Out
100030109042 PATIL ARVINDKUMAR DATTATRAY Atmiya, Rajkot EE Passed Out
130140111079 PATIL ASHISHKUMAR KANUBHAI GEC, Bharuch EC Passed Out
140243111028 PATIL ASHISHKUMAR PRAKASHBHAI Hasmukh Goswami, Ahmedabad EC
161203116022 PATIL ASHVINI SUDHAKAR Aditya Silver Oak, Ahmedabad IT
140020107085 PATIL ASHWINI Ahmedabad Inst., Ahmedabad CE
140940119133 PATIL ATUL Vidhyadeep, Olpad ME
130370119271 PATIL AVINASH ARUNBHAI Parul Old, Waghodia ME
100183111002 PATIL AVINASH MAHENDRA GEC, Dahod EC Passed Out
150940106082 PATIL AVINASHBAPU Vidhyadeep, Olpad CI
130880119084 PATIL BANSALKUMAR BHARATKUMAR Samarth, Himatnagar ME Passed Out
110170111080 PATIL BHAGVATIBEN HASAMUKHBHAI GEC, Gandhinagar EC Passed Out
130163111022 PATIL BHAGYASHREE GAJANAN GEC, Modasa EC Passed Out
140093107016 PATIL BHAGYASHREE VINAYAK C.K.Pithawala, Surat CE Passed Out
110373131011 PATIL BHAGYASHRI MADHAVRAO Parul Old, Waghodia CSE Passed Out
150943119036 PATIL BHAGYESH SANJIVBHAI Vidhyadeep, Olpad ME
110483109007 PATIL BHARAT PRAKASH VIT, Valia EE Passed Out
160160102085 PATIL BHARGAV GEC, Modasa AU
090800109002 PATIL BHAVESH KISHOR Vadodara Institute, Waghodia EE Passed Out
110493119011 PATIL BHAVESH NANA SNPITRC, Vidhyabharti, Bardoli ME
140500106123 PATIL BHAVESHKUMAR BHAUBHAI Sigma, Waghodia CI
150453119044 PATIL BHAVESHKUMAR MANGALDAS Sadvidhyamandal, Bharuch ME
110490131045 PATIL BHAVESHKUMAR PRABHAKAR SNPITRC, Vidhyabharti, Bardoli CSE Passed Out
140870119127 PATIL BHAVIK ASHOKBHAI Parul New, Waghodia ME
160423111012 PATIL BHAVIKA MURLIDHAR Sarvjanik, Surat EC
120330111010 PATIL BHAVIKA RAJENDRABHAI MG Institute, Navasari EC Passed Out
100140109128 PATIL BHAVIKABEN GEC, Bharuch EE Passed Out
120060119050 PATIL BHAVIN RAGHUNATH Bhagwan Mahavir, Surat ME
160123107024 PATIL BHAVNA SUNIL GIT, Gandhinagar CE
100140109053 PATIL BHAVNESH AVINASHBHAI GEC, Bharuch EE Passed Out
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